What annotation options are there in PDF files?

While viewing the file you can make comments and respond to the given comments. You can also highlight or strikethrough the text and compare file versions with each other.

There is also an option to find a phrase or a word from the document using the search icon. Highlight all words, match case or match whole word. Allow fuzzy search and ignore characters with accents (eg. à, ê, ç, ï) and jump between the next and previous searched word. 

The page navigation tools at the bottom right give you a list of options to:

  • > Navigate to the first, previous, next or last page
  • > Jump to any page by entering the page number
  • > Rotate the PDF clockwise or anticlockwise. Comments rotate with the page
  • > For books, brochures and print collateral you can view odd and even spreads
  • > Zoom up to 400%
  • > View the PDF in full screen view


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