powerful integrations

Enhance productivity by integrating QuickReviewer with your favourite apps in just a few clicks

Adobe InDesign CC

Upload and share PDF files directly from inside InDesign. Get feedback and sync file flow with the PDF proof so your InDesign file jumps to the comment location in tandem

Adobe Photoshop CC

Share your creatives via QuickReviewer directly from within Photoshop. Eliminate the need to export creatives as JPG or PNG before sharing them with reviewers

Adobe Illustrator CC

Push vector art to reviewers via QuickReviewer by uploading and sharing files from inside Illustrator. View comments, make changes and upload revisions.


Connect to your Dropbox account; see the folder structure, view, link and share files without downloading them to QuickReviewer


Connect to your YouTube channel; share private videos without downloading them to QuickReviewer. Get feedback and approval from reviewers, brands and sponsors

Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe After Effects


Google Drive


Can’t see your favourite app?

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