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A faster way to review and approve HTML banners, web pages, newsletters, or live WordPress website

Brilliant website proofing

Welcome to the next level of web review where web designers, developers and site owners collaborate seamlessly on dynamic web content.

Review banner ads, HTML pages, newsletters, emailers and even live websites. Check responsiveness on different screen sizes and annotate each view. 

Get pin point accurate feedback on your web proofs from multiple reviewers in parallel

Click the Add New file button at the top left corner and select the file you want to share for review
Select the file and click the Share icon in the top menu

Interactive & Responsive

Select from over 30 different device sizes to preview how your responsive web layout looks on mobile devices. All links, animations, effects, videos and interactive elements can be checked across devices.

Comments can be made separately on each preview allowing reviewers to add markups on responsive elements that need to be tweaked. Each comment gets marked with the device type and page header so website developers know exactly where to make the corrections.

Perform a fully interactive review and get faster approvals on your web and HTML projects. 

Live Website Review

Reviewing websites was never so easy. Just add your website link into QuickReviewer and share the proof for review.

Weblink proofing works for most live websites built in HTML / HTML5 as well as leading CMS platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and Magento.  

Click the Add New file button at the top left corner and select the file you want to share for review

The Whole Nine Yards

Newsletters and Web Pages

Zip your HTML files and upload them to QuickReviewer. Not only can your reviewers add comments; they can also see how the page will look on mobile phones and tablets, with the ability to add annotations to each screen size. 

Live Website Links

Add live website links and share them with reviewers. Your teams and clients can view the website in the same way they would see it in the browser, with all animations and interactive elements. Comments can be added on mobile and tablet views as well.

Animated Banner Ads

Share banner ads so reviewers can see the animations and button interactivity the way it would display on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. All web review options have a scannable QR code, so you can see how the pages render on your own device.

QuickReviewer HTML Review Plugin for

Proofing live WordPress websites

The QuickReviewer Proofing plugin for WordPress lets you use the Weblink feature to review your WordPress website.

This plugin inserts a script in the head of your WordPress site on each page allowing a seamless proofing experience for reviewers.

From your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > Add New. Search for ‘QuickReviewer HTML Review‘ and install it. Alternatively, download the plugin and then upload it to your WordPress site. For more details, visit the WordPress Proofing page

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