Signing Up

To create an account, visit the Sign Up page or simply login using Google. On the Sign Up page, enter your name, email and password.

Once you Sign Up or Login with Google, the Forever Free plan with 100 MB gets activated.

To get more storage and view the different plans, visit

The Forever Free plan comes with 100 MB and all of the review features. The Pro plan gives you 25 GB at $35 per month or $349 when paid annually. The Premium plan gives you 500 GB at $100 per month or $999 per year (essentially giving you 2 months of free usage). All Power plans:

  • > Have unlimited reviewers
  • > Have unlimited files (restricted to the storage of your plan)
  • > Are payable monthly and annually


The Annual Premium plan allows top-ups to add on additional storage in sets of 500GB and users in sets of 10 for $500 per year for each add on.

If you need more storage, contact us or drop us an email at

The Enterprise plan provides a more customized options for larger teams with unlimited storage, reviews, integrations and branding. To know more about this tailored solutions, you can get in touch with us

All notifications (such as reviewer comments) are sent to your email. Power plans let you add custom SMTP settings so reviewers get messages from an email they trust.

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