integrate with your ecosystem

The QuickReviewer API lets you integrate tightly with your home grown or favourite applications 

work management
+ proofing

Embed the proofing window in your existing ecosystem, be it a Document Management` System, Content Management System, Project Management Software or third party applications.

The QuickReviewer API lets you add all the powerful review and approval tools you love using, to your creative workflow. 

Project management
+ proofing

Integrate QuickReviewer with your project management or workflow management software. Add the range of proofing features for internal or external use.

The comprehensive APIs push and pull comments, status, review activity and more. The proofing window powers the commenting features, allowing users to respond to comments, attaching files, sorting, searching and more while all statuses get pushed back to your project management solution. 

digital asset management
+ Proofing

The proofing window can be independently integrated with your existing DMS, so that all assets are stored in your secure system, while you leverage the power of QuickReviewer’s proofing engine to get pin point accurate feedback and meet deadlines faster.

All assets reside in your DMS while the proofing window, having your branding, captures reviewer comments and feedback.

get access to the api

Create New Proof

Create proofs, delete or search for them based on a specific criteria. 

Update Proof

Manage versions or update the proof that has been shared for review. 

File Sharing

Share proofs to specific users or get a sharable URL with the option to set an expiry.

Control Commenting

Add, get, like or respond to comments. Get the option to resolve comments. 

Manage Download

Control access to allow / restrict file download and the option to download comments. 

Export Comments

Export proof comments as a PDF or download them as a txt, JSON or an audit file.

Manage Reviewers

Add, delete, update users or manage users by user ID or email ID in the system.

Make Decisions

Status based decision making depending on the options in your DMS, CMS or Apps.

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