Uploading files

QuickReviewer lets you upload videos, HTML Zip files, PDFs and images in range of file formats.

All files get uploaded to the My Documents section. There are two ways to upload files:

1. Drag and Drop: Select files from your computer, drag and drop them anywhere in the My Documents section

2. Add New: Click the Add New (+ NEW) button in the top left corner of the dashboard to get four option

> Workspace: Lets you create a Shared Workspace that lets all team members upload and share files from your workspace

> Folder: Lets you create a folder in which you can add multiple files or sub-folders. The folder structure gets created in the left menu under My Documents

> File Upload: Opens the upload window from where you can select and add the files you want uploaded to QuickReviewer

> Weblink: Lets you add a Website link to review live websites

The uploader at the bottom left will show the status of each file being uploaded

Once uploaded, you can share files with reviewers.

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