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How can I add comments to video file?

Commenting on a video file is very easy and similar to that of an image. You can pause a video and add a comment on any frame by clicking on the annotation icons (comment icon or rectangle icon) at the top left. Even if the video is playing, clicking on one of the two annotations pauses the video, allowing you to add your comment.

Comments get added in the right panel with the reviewer name, comment time and the user’s colour code. Dots get added to the timeline above the video with the reviewer’s colour code so you know exactly where the comments are added and by whom. Clicking on the dots jumps straight to the commented frame. You can even click on the comment in the right panel to jump to the frame.

All video controls are on the top right of the screen (above the comments panel)

The icons from left to right and top to bottom are explained below

Back to start: Takes the video to the start of the video 00:00

Play / Pause: Lets you play and pause the video. Shortcut key: SPACEBAR

1/2x: Reduces the video speed to HALF. Shortcut key: 0

2x: Increases video speed to DOUBLE. Shortcut key: 2

3x: Increases video speed to TRIPLE. Shortcut key: 3

5x: Increases video speed to FIVE TIMES the existing video speed. Shortcut key: 5

Full Screen: Takes the video into full screen mode. Comments do not display in full screen mode.

Volume: Lets you increase, decrease or mute video sound. Shortcut key: UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW, M (mute)

Previous Comment: Jumps to the previous commented frame on the timeline. Shortcut key: CTRL + LEFT ARROW

Next Comment: Jumps to the previous commented frame on the timeline. Shortcut key: CTRL + RIGHT ARROW

Below the video controls you see number of comments and responses, with the option to sort them by USER or VIDEO TIMELINE or COMMENTED TIME