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New features added in QuickReviewer are based on your feedback. If your feature is not listed below, drop us a message and we'll put it in our roadmap. We would love to hear more from you.


Email alerts on Comments

Get email alerts when reviewers add comments on videos, images, PDFs that you share. Each email is received with the comment, its date and time along with the reviewer name. To deactivate these email alerts go to your profile (top right corner of your dashboard), and uncheck “Send me email notifications when comments are added by reviewers.”

—November 2018

Comment Without Login

Share files with reviewers and allow them to add comments anonymously without the need to login to QuickReviewer.

—October 2018

Real Time Commenting

Each comment gets saved and visible in real time without the user having to save or submit comments.

—September 2018

Mobile Responsive HTML file support

Review and comment on responsive HTML files by getting a preview on different devices like iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

—August 2018

Compare Versions

Compare two versions of PDFs, HTML, Video, Audio or Images side by side so you can ensure that all comments have been resolved and changes have been made in the latest version.

—July 2018

Download Original Video

Allow reviewers to download videos in either the original uploaded format or in .MP4 format so they can view the video offline and add in their comments once they are back online.

—June 2018

Login with Google

Once click access without the need to register. Simply click the “Sign in with Google” button and voila – you’re ready to upload and share your creatives and get feedback on them.

—May 2018

Forever Free plan

Our way of giving back to the creative community who has been the key to adopting and making QuickReviewer a success. Fully featured with 100 MB at no cost ever.

—April 2018

HTML file support

Review HTML files by uploading them as a ZIP file that includes the images, pages and index.

—March 2018

Set Review deadlines

Now you can set a deadline for each uploaded creative. After the deadline, reviewers will no longer be able to add comments to the file.

—February 2018

Download PDF with Comments

Download a PDF file with the comments that get listed on the last page. Great for an offline audit log of who made which comment, along with an easy to view list of comments all in one place without having to log in.

—January 2018


New Power Plan Pricing

Reduced pricing from US$59 to US$29 per month with an increased storage space of 5GB (up from 2GB) per Power User gives more value to our loyal users

—November 2017


Create folders, give them the name of your project and add multiple files in them so everything is better organised.

—September 2017

Audio Support

Upload, share and review audio files. Markers let you switch between comments quickly on the timeline instead of having to find the exact location of each comment.

—August 2017

Dashboard Drag Drop

Moving files between folders or from the dashboard just got easier. Simply select multiple files, drag and drop them into the folder you want.

—July 2017

Reply to Comments

If you want to add to someone else’s comments or clarify their doubts, you can now reply to comments for better clarity to all stakeholders.

—May 2017

Video Review Capability

In addition to Images and PDF files, you can now share videos, play, pause and add comments directly on specific frames. Ideal for those ads and movie clips that you upload and share via FTP or Dropbox and have a hard time getting feedback on.

—March 2017

Download Shared File

Allow reviewers to download files and view them offline. So if they don’t have internet access, at least they can review and mark the comments once they are back online.

—January 2017


Multiple Select and Share

Use the Shift key to select multiple files so you can share them all at once with multiple reviewers instead of selecting and sharing one by one.

—October 2016

Star Important Files

The ability to star files provides a way to quickly access important documents without the need to search for them. These appear in your “Starred” section in the left bar.

—August 2016

Drag Drop upload

In addition to uploading files using “Add New”, you can simply drag and drop multiple files anywhere on the dashboard to upload them.

—June 2016

User Comment Colours

Each user gets their own colour so you can quickly distinguish between reviewer comments. The added comments list also has colours assigned to each user and allows you to view the full list of comments by user or by page

—April 2016

QuickReviewer Cloud is Born

The first cloud based SAAS version of QuickReviewer for creative teams to upload images and PDF files, share them with reviewers who can mark annotations directly inside the web browser

—January 2016

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