Sharing Files

Once you have uploaded files, QuickReviewer gives has a few easy ways to share creatives with reviewers. Select the file, right click or it or simply click the share icon that gets active when you mouse over your creative on the top right corner of the card.

Click the share icon to open the Share With window that gives you the option to:

1. Get a shareable link that you can copy and share with reviewers for access. Select the Comment or View option depending on the kind of access you wish the link to have. Shareable links allow reviewers to comment without logging in to QuickReviewer. In such cases, all comments are anonymous.

2. Invite users by adding multiple email IDs and share the file with them. A list of reviewers that you regularly share creatives with displays in the right bar allowing you to quickly add their emails by clicking on them. Select an option where the user Can Comment or Can View. All shared files display in the ‘Shared with me‘ section of their dashboard.

Include a note if you want to send additional information to reviewers. Other options at the bottom of the share window allow you to:

  • Disable Download for all users: restricting them from downloading the assets to their desktops
  • Let reviewers Comment without logging in: In which case all comments from the reviewers are anonymous

An email is sent to all reviewers with a link to the creative allowing them to give feedback. When reviewers add comments, emails are sent to the file owner so they know what changes have been requested.

Sharing Multiple Assets
To share more than one creative with reviewers, select the files with the Shift key and click the share icon in the top right corner. Emails with all access to all files get sent to all reviewers.

Revision Upload
When you upload a new version, reviewers will automatically start seeing the latest version. They can compare versions to make sure the requested changes have been made.

Shared Workspaces
If you want to give your teams access to upload and share creatives with reviewers, use Shared Workspaces

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