Setting Expiry and Reminders

To set a deadline and reminders, right click the file and select Expiry & Reminders.

The Expiry & Reminders that gives you the option to:

1. Select an expiry date and time: Uncheck “Never Expire” and select a date from the calendar along with a time. One minute after the set date and time, user can view, but they can not add new comments.

2. Send Reminders: Set up to 3 reminders. Each one will be sent X days before the Expiry date and time. Setting ’00’ day(s) before, would not send a reminder.

3. Reminder conditions: You have the flexibility to send reminders Only if:

>> Always: send reminders without any conditions

>> Not Opened: send reminders only if the proof has not been opened by the reviewer

>> Not Commented: send reminders only if the reviewer has not added any comments

>> Not Actioned: send reminders only if the reviewer has not clicked the Approve or Rework buttons

Each reminder gets sent on the selected number of days before the expiry date and time. This is basis the selected ‘Only if’ condition.

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