upload larger files faster!

With QuickReviewer’s Desktop Uploader, you can transfer multiple large files of up to 25 GB each directly from your computer.


QuickReviewer Desktop Uploader effortlessly handles larger files, overcoming the limitations of web upload. Seamlessly upload multiple files of up to 25 GB each without worrying internet drop, ensuring all your content, no matter how extensive, is readily accessible for review.


Experience unparalleled speed with the  Desktop Uploader, significantly reducing upload times. Streamline your workflow with swift file transfers and quicker review cycles and boosting overall productivity. Say goodbye to waiting endlessly for file uploads to complete.


Get enhanced control with the intuitive UI that you are used to on QuickReviewer. The features for uploading your files in while retaining your existing folder structure gives you the flexibility organise your projects. Access folders you want to upload to without going online.
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