Marketing teams are always on a deadline—constantly trying to get to the next social media post, event, or blog entry on time. If you’re working for clients, the battle becomes even more intense with file sharing restrictions, emails bouncing back or not being read in time, and approvals often coming in after the event has passed. Sounds familiar? If yes, you must try QuickReviewer—the best file sharing software for marketing teams.

What is file-sharing software? How is it different from using email or Slack?

Sharing files using email, Slack, Teams, or other such channels works well for their intended purpose: to provide and share information. Marketing teams, on the other hand, need inputs on the shared files. As these channels were never designed for reviews, marketing teams find themselves in a bind as the nature of their job requires reviews and approvals to proceed.

File-sharing software helps marketing teams and the world send files of any type to each other. This means you can easily exchange documents, images, videos, and many other types of file formats. sharing a file on QuickReviewer act like a digital asset management platform where users can download or upload files for proofing, review, etc.

What are the benefits of using file-sharing software such as QuickReviewer?

File-sharing software offers many benefits to its intended users—just like any other purpose-built software. The top benefits of using file-sharing software for marketing teams include the following:

  1. Built with creative teams in mind
    File-sharing software such as QuickReviewer understands the needs of creative teams to the T. The platform is built with a sharing/review/approval workflow in mind, ensuring you can complete your review and approval tasks intuitively and effortlessly.


  2. Reduced reliance on multiple disconnected tools
    Tools like QuickReviewer allow creative teams to use one clean, integrated interface to share, review and approve files. Say goodbye to emails, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp and the messy combination of these tools that were not built for the job. Create and review like a pro with QuickReviwer.


  3. Sharing is caring
    Remember those bounced emails and restrictions on file sizes while sharing? QuickReviewer helps you to share files with your customers in real-time without restrictions on the type and size of files. You’re good to go as long as your storage has space and each file is less than 5 GB! Oh, if you ever run out of space with their premium plan, you can get an additional 250GB for a low flat fee.


  4. Live website reviews
    Got a website that’s already out there? No problems! Just add that website to QuickReviewer and review it with ease. All you need is the URL—QuickReviewer takes care of the rest!


  5. Keep your brand value
    Conscious of your brand value and brand recall? QuickReviewer helps you to white-label your version of QuickReviewer with a branded domain. Now enjoy all the great features of QuickReviewer from a simple, brand-friendly URL.


  6. Filetypes galore
    Gone are the days when you’d need ten tools to review files. Say goodbye to “I don’t have that software” replies with QuickReviewer. Its in-built review engine supports a wide range of formats for Videos (AVI, MOV, MPEG-4, OGG, WEBM and more), Audio files (M4A, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, PCM, MP3, MP4, AAC, WMA and more), PDFs, Live Web URLs (Weblinks), HTML5 (in Zip format) and Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, AI and more).


  7. Integration with third-party tools
    QuickReviewer has an ever-increasing list of integrations that you can check out here. If a specific tool needs integration, just contact them and they can help you.


  8. Range-based comments
    Got a comment that spans several minutes or seconds? No problems. QuickReviewe’ ‘s range-based comments can help you do just that with ease.


  9. Moving unresolved items to new versions
    If you have a list of unresolved comments or items from a previous version, you can copy those unresolved comments to your new version with one click. Simply right-click on the file and choose “Bring Forth Comments”. All your unresolved comments move on to the latest version, helping you incorporate changes needed in the last version in your current version.


  10. Proof your proof
    Download a comprehensive report of Video, Image or PDF files detailing commented frames, pages, comment locations, attachments, reviewers and approvers. The downloaded PDF file acts as an audit report or file for offline archival and can help to sort out any ambiguity in the final version of your creative.

Final Thoughts

I hope the benefits listed above help you understand why I think your marketing team needs the best file-sharing software out there. If you’re still not convinced, an awesome, near-fully featured trial is available for you to test-drive QuickReviewer at your own pace. Our creative teams have saved dozens of hours that would otherwise go into unproductive tasks like rummaging for comments in emails or just running after reviewers to get the job done. QuickReviewer does it all in style! Give this software a shot. You’ll love it!

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