In this rare situation of the Coronavirus pandemic, every person, industry, and sector is affected in a big way. Businesses, governments and individuals are scrambling to resolve the challenges brought by the pandemic. While we all are adjusting to this new environment brought by the pandemic, there is an urge to be productive and at the same time motivating oneself and others. Among many sectors, the pandemic has hugely impacted the creative practice of the design community.

The only positive thing that the pandemic has brought is the productivity and creativity that one can come out with at this time. The virus has led to the explosion in digital offerings, online workshops, review streaming, etc., which is increasing scope for the designers and creators to be more innovative.

Work From Home Made Easy

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Our quick review tool helps creators and designers streamline their review and approval process with ease at the comfort of their homes from across the hall or across the planet. The platform lets you share complete campaigns for internal and external review, track status, chat and approve creatives. This way work from home with creative design support during Coronavirus is made easy and one can quickly adapt to the drastic global changes. 

Adjusting To The Change

As everyone is playing their part in the fight against Covid, our designers are doing their bit by providing creative design support during coronavirus. You must have seen various posters, videos, banners and other modes of information that aware people about the infection; how to protect oneself and much more. 

Creative design is helping the world be more aware and with powerful visuals that help in the war against Covid. As designers we believe that changing the mindsets and building awareness through creative means is highly effective against coronavirus.

Let us see some examples of creative design support during coronavirus.

See how these creative freelancers are adjusting to the impact of coronavirus and how your business can adapt to meet changing industry needs. 

#Creative Images

As we know, the human mind can relate to visuals very well in comparison to audios, we have seen lots of creative images spreading mindful and informative messages like washing hands, wearing masks, staying home, practicing social distancing and much more. These creative images, like this one from the BBC, are easy to circulate through social media and create awareness.

creative images for coronavirus


In these times, we have various posters that highlight the symptoms of the infected people, ways to protect oneself and be vigilant. A perfect example of posters can be seen on social media sites where people are educating the masses on what to do, how to cooperate, oblige the laws and keep one safe from the virus.

coronavirus posters


Like other two mediums, creative videos are also being made by the designers to explain the spread of the virus, how we can stop the chain and stay healthy during this time. Explainer videos are being circulated to detail the effects and precautions to be taken, create awareness across multiple channels.

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A Thoughtful Note

Graphic designers, writers and artists are providing creative design support during coronavirus. Many designers have also created some logos to reflect the spread of the coronavirus like Starbucks coffee logo with a mask, NBA logo with a man chilling with a laptop, the Coca Cola social distancing logo and even McDonalds, pulling apart their famous golden arches. 

mcdonalds logo

Even though they cannot physically stop the virus, the message put across through their creations brings out a level of awareness that no other profession can do as well or as effectively. 

We hope this creativity will lead to a safer and healthier world.

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