Design is not a digital or modern era activity. Design is more than a pursuit of decoration, pattern or drawing.

Design is a vast term, but if I talk about the online world, then it is more than the banners and websites. Also, it is evident that with time, the facet of design and designers have changed tremendously.

Designers give the product or brand, a life through designs. With the emergence of digital business and the social world, the design is the new poster boy of the business world. This upliftment of design in the business has upgraded designers with a focus not only on design, but also on strategy, planning, user interface and experience among others.

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Designers today are coming up with more creative work and better performance because of the extended scope and process. This is leading to the phase where designers are changing the face of businesses.

Good design provides an effortless and personal touch with every experience. A brand helps to transform a business with its powerful statement through design.

In this blog, you will come to know how to stay apart from the competition with a revolutionary design.

Transformation of Businesses with Design

1 Designers are Storytellers

If you wish to promote your brand or product, there can be no better storyteller than a designer. With creativity running in their veins, designers are the chief communicators of your brand.

An authentic brand story conveys what the brand is, brand aims and its future plans to the audience. The message should be clear and attractive. A good designer knows that a brand story is important to create an emotional connection with the users.

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A legitimate story of a brand expresses a powerful message.

For example, when Swiggy (a food delivery business) came to the market with a strong marketing tactic, then Zomato (another food delivery chain), with its strong brand story took over its lost place with the arrival of competitors.

Here the designers played an essential part by engaging the audience and existing customers and increasing the business growth.

2 Customer Experience

We being professionals and users know what is customer experience and how the right use of this approach can help a business flourish.

In a layman’s language, customer experience is the building of a relationship with the customers to understand their requirements.  It is more than just providing, services, products, or building relationships.

It is about the practical and emotional considerations of the users. Customer relationship should be built on how comfortable the user will be using the product or service or how to help during problems faced by them, etc. All these factors play an important role in providing a better experience and maintaining a relationship with the customers.

Since it is a digital era, thus, companies are going online. This has increased digital interaction between the company and customers. As the trend is towards online mode and with neck and neck competition in the market niche, the designers know how to leverage the audience and make a place in this competitive world.

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3 Changing Trend

Change is inevitable and imperative. But with such a close competition and swarms of businesses aiming for one goal, it is important to change. Businesses want to focus on innovation and discovery but nobody wants to change.

The balance here is disturbed, because if everybody is after innovation, then nobody will be able to change. With the rapid growth of technologies, designers are stepping towards the change and are understanding their role. They understand that their role is not limited to detailing and designing, it is also about understanding and translating business ideas, prototyping and testing ideas, being adaptive, build brand assets, and so forth.

Designers are now taking all the tasks in their hands to learn and adapt to the changing technology. That is why graphic designers are not only attached to print designs, but they are qualified to create logos, icons, etc.

What’s Next..?

The above-mentioned list is just a few of the many approaches to how designers are changing the face of business. The design provides a meaningful brand experience and gives the first impression of the brand.

It is likely that business with no design or approach towards it is the one that is lagging behind the fast-paced business market.

Designers mould the company and brand according to the user’s needs. Experienced designers help to improve market position and acquire new customers. Designers bring innovation and simplicity.

For example, Netflix– it is an entertainment service providing company which has a great UI and UX, be it on phones or laptops. To achieve such a great design, Netflix asked its users about the flow of the service and the design. They were open to criticism and changes, which helped them to improve their user experience and there is no need to tell me how popular their business is, Right!

Netflix is just an example to let you know the importance of design for a business. You can take into consideration the designer’s way to change business and implement it on your own to make it grow.

Let us know your thoughts on design and change in business? Have you come across any organization that you know has grabbed headlines in the business world through designs?

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