2018 showed the diversity of graphic design trends, among which, some get carried forward in the new year, while some get faded in the background. However, whichever direction the trends point, the cornerstone will always be to create the unique, inquisitive and user-centric ideas that appeal to everyone.

With bigger brands artistically and innovatively making the best out of unique design trends, it seems that 2019 will going to be the year of bold typography, expressive customized illustrations, vivid color fusions, aesthetic subtlety and integration of smart technology.


Whatever the case may be, it is important to see what 2019 predicts in the arena of Graphic Design, and which trends will soldier on with the designers perception. Here, we have jotted down some high notch graphic design trends in 2019 that will influence the design world with their captivating features.

Graphic Design Trends: Showcasing The Art of Creativity

According to the famous American Graphic Designer, Milton Glaser “Design is about creating images that demand direct attention from the viewers.” In other words, graphic designs are not only about the intermingling of elements to showcase some stuff but, to style communicative, explicit, engaging and revealing pieces of creativity.

So, here are the latest graphic design trends to look out, which are conversance with the traditional design routines to style an expressive digital vision of the modern world, and will dominate every industry.

1. TypoGraphy – Type Faces and Fonts

Typography gives identity to the design and its elements. From bold fonts to messy styles, powerful colors to minimalist designs, the contrasting use of any can make an effective impression on your audience.

For example, using fonts such as serif create a simple yet elegant impact, script fonts show aestheticism and class; Big and Bold fonts make your logos stand-out, handwritten or quirky fonts make a playful experience and can bring smiles to your audience, etc.

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Additionally, 3D typography trend is also growing on people and seems to stand-out on their own in 2019. No matter the typeface or font, this 3D element in your design will pop out, and you can’t help yourself but indulge in them.

2. Asymmetry and Symmetry – Curiosity Demands Attention

The balancing act of symmetrical layouts is getting predictable by the day. But, 2019 predicts the trend for asymmetrical presentations. The reason being customers are more engrossed with alive and dynamic thoughts, they do not want traditional balance. Also, asymmetry in layouts sparks their curiosity to explore what comes next, and where information and graphics may lead to.

However, if your app or website speaks for stability and harmony, symmetrical designs are what you should go for. They bring orderliness and a sense of elegance to your designs.

Moreover, the scale between Symmetry and Asymmetry can be tipped off as per the specifics of a project. Although, uniting the two techniques may result in unique and aesthetically balanced designs that may leave the audience captivated.

3. Color Palettes – Vivid Splash of Bold Moods

Colors are the best way to evoke emotions in your audience. Every texture, shape, or the corner becomes noticeably clear and meaningful with the unification of the right shades of color palettes.

While bold color duotones raising the bar, the trend for vibrant colors seems to get growing this year. Colors like red shows passion and determination, blue color sounds of being adventurous, green against deep brown feel more realistic and down-to-earth, adding yellow into the mix of grays and black create a cheerful vibe and so on.

All in all, whatever the theme you want to project in your designs, the vivid splashes of vibrant colors is what will cultivate the moods of viewers and make your brand smooth sailing.

4. Illustrations – Right to be Customized

Illustrations make the interpretation of texts or concepts easy and more clear. The ideas which are unable to reflect otherwise can be conveyed using visual illustrations.

In 2019, bold colored custom made illustrations will be a major part of graphic designs and will create a powerful influence on digital publishing media, integrated campaigns, and websites.

The illustrations designed as per the business specifics, inspire customers, encourage simplicity, explain complex concepts and make objectives stand out on their own and whole.

One can consider Mailchimp’s handmade illustrations that are showcased on every page of their site as a perfect example.

5. Gradients and Duotones – Making Backgrounds More Intense

With gradients and duotones back in business, they are sure to create more intricately creative backgrounds in 2019. Their versatile usefulness, dynamic color attribute, and energetic behavior add meaning and richness to illustrations that otherwise would be soporific.

Alloying the two may spring into vivid color hues and combinations that may take over the graphic design landscape.

For example, duotone, color gradient combinations of blue-purple, black and white with mint green, or pink and red, for the backgrounds give images a high-quality aesthetic feel, which may otherwise have been overwhelming.

6. Isometric Definitions – Visualizing Dimensions Differently

Flat graphic designs might leave a few things out that isometric designs can help with. They are in themselves a complete whole with a significant depth that flat designs can’t compete with.

Isometric design trends in 2019 will going to be a huge hit as they take the perception of people to an entirely new level.

Presenting a 3D object in 2-Dimension conveys more information while enhancing the perspective of users. Thus, they are the best way to grab the attention of your potential audience.       

7. Augmented Reality (AR) – Alter the Reality the Best You Can

Augmented Reality (AR) has surfaced in the past few years and is successfully stationing itself in various business domains. With AR offering an immersive experience of the real world environment in the digital version, the audiences are trusting this technology more than others.

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Seeing its powerful impact, it is predicted that AR technology is going to grow more rapidly and likely to take over the mobile and consumer market. So, it will be beneficial for Graphic Designers to lay bets on this trend.

8. Videos – It Explains Everything

Videos are the perfect medium to inspire emotions and communicate on your behalf. On the hop audience who don’t have time to read texts can easily understand the whole idea that you want to convey with video content.

In other words, they engross a user more on your website and pass on the messages swiftly. This means higher conversion rates for your business.

Seeing the graphic design trends in 2019, one can employ videos as a safe bet to convey ideas in a matter of seconds.

Concluding The Above…

According to Mr. MiltonThere are three responses to a piece of design—Yes, No, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

Therefore, showcase your ideas with these latest graphic design trends for 2019 and make positive connections with your customers.

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