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7 Benefits of Online Proofing

7 Benefits of Online Proofing
  1. No inbox tangle- In order to share content and feedback, email is generally used but huge files can clog the server and it gets difficult to manage the email threads. Online proofing keeps these conversations out of the email.
  2. Easily accessible- If you are working from home or travelling, online proofing allows you to review content with the help of an internet- enabled device, on-the-go.
  3. Web pages and motion content- In comparison to the video, pages and flash, documents and graphics are easy to share. But the files containing media can prove to be a challenge at the time of sharing and online proofing can easily help solve this problem.
  4. No need for FTP- It is true that FTP allows you to keep your files away from the inbox but is it reliable to use? Uploading and downloading heavy files from an FTP only adds to time in the review process. But online proofing not only allows easy accessibility from your browser but also enables you to share feedback on that single file.
  5. Save time with smart work- When an editor is reviewing content, it becomes a challenge for him to describe the required changes accurately. But this not the case when you use an online proofing as this tool lets you mark and view changes on the document or creative with just a click of the mouse.
  6. All the information at one place, assistance when multiple reviewers are involved- When you use email to share content and reviews, you literally have to search for the file in your older emails, but online proofing makes your content visible at the click of a link. Also, if the number of stakeholders involved in a particular project is more, hard-copy or manual processes are most likely to break down due to complexity. In such cases, online proofing becomes imperative to keep things on schedule.
  7. Version control- The trouble with sending a file to multiple reviewers for feedback is that after a round or two of revision, it gets difficult to be sure that everyone looking at the same version. Online proofing assures that they are.

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