How does it feel when you have to run after every individual to collect the data or report? It is a frustrating and time-wasting process, Right!

With the mismanagement and lack of communication, large projects often lead to delay in the finish, lower Return on Investment (ROI) and in most case, a loss of time.

In this blog, you will learn about the key features of project management software and how they help your business to grow.

Project Management Software helps to streamline the projects and make sure that everyone is on the same page. The software lets the manager and the team collaborate and improve the efficiency of work. The project management software helps the team to plan, organize and manage the projects seamlessly, without any hassle.

Businesses use Project Management Tools to keep themselves updated on project development. The importance of project management can be identified from the fact that the tool helps in recognizing the delayed parts of the project to help correct it, within the remaining time.

With cut-throat competition, every business aspires for client satisfaction, business management, and better results. Project Management is filled with beneficial features to boost your work process through proper planning and strategy, project completion in stages, team collaboration, project tracking, due diligence of the reports and effective documentation.

Key features of Project Management Software

1. Task Management

Task management is the key feature as it helps to distinguish different projects between the team members. When assigning tasks to the team members, all you need is collaborative information at a single place to handover upcoming tasks to different members.

Task management will give you an insight into the project, its progress, set timeline, estimate hours required for a particular task and manage deadlines.

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2. Collaboration

Collaboration is the main work in an ongoing project or task. The collaboration tool helps different departments and team members to connect and collaborate with their work.

Collaboration allows one to share documents, files, folders, tasks, timelines, etc. with the other team members. The team members can also access each other’s work as and when allowed for project completion. This quick communication and sharing of files and folders help to deliver tasks with assigned time and without any hassle.

3. Documentation

Mostly, emails are used to share documents and communicate with team members. But even email has its limitations with limited files to be sent per mail and if you use multiple emails to send files then it is again confusing and time-consuming.

Documentation Management tool under project management software helps the team members view and edit documents in real-time. Many software gives the user the ease to find resources by benefitting the upload of documents to a specific task or project.

4. Time tracking

As the name suggests, time tracking manages and tracks the time of the employees who are assigned the particular task. Time tracking is important for the projects to implement better planning, estimate working hours required to complete the project and overlook the time taken to complete the tasks.

Time tracking software can be utilized to note the time spent on tasks and use the data to automate the invoice process.

5. Third-Party Integration

The dependability on the project management software every day is so much that it is beneficial to share the data to and from other apps. This feature takes your project management into another level.

The top management tools integrate their projects with Google, Dropbox, etc.

6. Mobile App

Everyone is on the move these days. It is necessary to have project information ready on your fingertips. To have work flexibility, it is important to have information at every place you go, be the client site, workspace, etc. For this, access to information and projects is a must, which can be possible through mobile applications.

Applications give the employees the liberty and access to perform an important task easily through apps anytime and anywhere.

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Summing Up the Thoughts:

Selecting Project management can be daunting for you since there is a lot of software out in the market wooing customers. Automating the work process helps to timely complete the work and make better business decisions.

With the growth of the business and team working globally, it is essential to have communication and team management easily through software or a tool.

Having a software tool helps to manage and share the updates, information, and data of the projects quickly to keep everyone connected, informed and on the same page. This further leads one to make correct business decisions and get a better return on investment.

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