Video content is gaining popularity day by day, as videos make a powerful impact to not just connect with the brand image, but also develop a relationship with consumers.

According to Forbes, 87% of online marketers use video content in their digital marketing strategies and as a result, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

A process involving the collaboration and review of video content creation has a lot of drawbacks and obstacles. But the end result is almost always worth it!

Let’s have a look at some of these problems are how to overcome them.

1. A time-consuming process

Video content is made with the objective to build insights right into your target audience, as well as to utilize them to develop a fascinating and interesting way of presenting the main message that will certainly help you attain objectives. Just like any kind of thinking, this procedure begins with lots of prospective ideas that are then cut down to the best but is also time-consuming.

Some video content creators go for collaboration making it time-consuming because different sections are shot in different ways to collaborate effectively. In collaboration, delegation is important as people have their own expertise and structure of work.

Multiple teams, as well as the primary stakeholders are involved in the particular project, and that is why the whole process takes time, and often never meets the deadline. The last part of the content creation process is the post-production animations and visual effects; another time intensive process.

To solve this problem, the deadline should always be fixed with a certain amount of buffer in mind, so that even when the timeline is exceeded it can be managed by the team.

2. Quality Variation

Different video creators have different perspectives to shoot a video, varying in quality. Multiple versions are used to make these videos and that is why it can compound the time and effort for the result.

In the video collaboration, video makers may multiple tools to edit the videos such as FCP, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and if the editing is not done in a single place then there may be some inconsistencies in the animation or the making of it as well. Sometimes the quality may also vary to meet the deadline because while collaborating the time may exceed the normal time limit given.

Just because your company has the budget as well as production sources to produce engaging, high-quality video content, doesn’t mean your product will immediately accomplish the desired brand recognition and marketing outcomes. The video creation art is competitive and everyone is chasing the same form of tactic to collaborate and make video appealing.

While collaborating on a video, it can be decided that everyone will use a single video editing tool and will shoot in a similar way to make it coherent; a sort of video production style guide. It will solve most of the problems regarding the quality difference, as the platform is similar.

Most video collaborating tools like QuickReviewer give you the advantage to integrate with these video editing tools, share the video with reviewers to make real-time comment and maintain transparency within the team and with the client.

3. Ideation Differentiation

If you are collaborating with some fellow video creators, then the ideation will also be a collaborative result. The basic idea behind a particular piece of content may be the same, but the execution process may be very different. In that case, the outcome would vary.

Different people have different idea of video creation. But when it is a collaborative process, the thinking should converge at some point to make it successful.

This problem can be solved by creating a proper set of guidelines beforehand to help the idea stay in line. Have brainstorming sessions where everyone puts forward their ideas and the best one is voted on.

4. High Cost

Video creation can be expensive because of the variation in the number of locations or concepts to be covered, the duration and the number of people who have to work on the actual video itself – starting from the videographer, editor, and post production team. To hire this type of talent pool is expensive.

Generally, this type of collaboration in video content creation or video creation needs a decent budget. So before jumping into any conclusion about making a video, always check your budget and the estimated cost. It will help you to plan accordingly because cost-cutting should not be an option to make a good video.

If you are going to collaborate in video content creation then you must check out the budget and set your economic goal beforehand. Breaking it down in parts will eventually help you track cost throughout the project.

Whether you go with a one stop shop or different freelancers who have different expertise, always keep the end goal in mind. And make sure you check a lot of the free and paid videos online that could be exactly what you need without having to fork out huge amounts of money.

5. Reviewing challenge

In the case of collaboration, video reviewing is difficult if you do not have direct face-to-face access. Uploading large files, downloading them, sending emails for the changes required on different frames or time durations… the complete feedback process is a bit tricky and very often unclear.

Plus the video review process is needed at every step, from ideation, storyboarding, shooting, animation, finishing and the final rendering.

The best way to streamline this complete process is using video review software like QuickReviewer that lets you upload and mark pin-point comments directly on the video frame. Making the complete feedback and review process better and faster.


It takes a great deal of job to place video as the high-performing focal point of an effective advertising and marketing method.

Problems come into picture in all types of fields, however, with the best strategy, a little creativity, and a good collaboration tool, nearly any kind of business can take advantage of the effective possibility to develop appealing tales and motivate target markets to act.

If you take care of all the steps and plan well you can create an awesome video with a seamless collaborative experience.

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