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feature roadmap 

We’re listening to your suggestions, and our monthly product releases will  include features that add more value to the way you use QuickReviewer

Google Drive Integration (Power Plan)

Have all your files uploaded to Google Drive? Soon you’ll be able to connect to your Google Drive account, share and review directly from QuickReviewer.


Multilingual Support

Options to change the User Interface language to French, German, Spanish and Italian. Are there more languages in the pipeline? You tell us! Which language would you like your reviewers to see the review / proofing window in?


File Uploader (Power Plan)

Upload files greater than 250MB and up to 4GB each with the File uploader. The desktop app will be available on Mac OS and Window.


Multi Image files (Power Plan)

Merge multiple images into a single file and view them one below the other, as a slide show or in tile view. Allow reviewers to approve each title or image in the file


Text highlight and strike through for HTML and Weblinks

For years we have given users the ability to highlight and strike-through text in uploaded PDF files. We’re going to be adding these tools to HTML and Weblinks as well. 


3D Model support (Power Plan)

Upload 3D models, rotate and view them. File formats supported…??


Review YouTube Videos (Power Plan)

Add a YouTube link and start adding comments


Archival (Power Plan)

Archive files. Save / export videos and HTML as PDFs and archive the comments etc.


White Label for Teams (Power Plan)

Anyone who is invited to the team can view the branding / logo of the person they have been added by. A user can not be a part of 2 teams. But he can have access to multiple workspaces. Branding will always remain that of the white labelled branding from invitee


Email template live preview (Power Plan)

View the live changes to the template as you create the custom email


Many more integrations (Power Plan)

Over the course of 2021, we plan to add integrations including Slack, Zapier, Premiere Pro, FCP, Trello, JIRA, Basecamp and many more