When it comes to uploading video content, YouTube is the best place to go. YouTube has nearly become synonymous with online video at this point.

The job of content creator is becoming increasingly popular these days. A big part of a content creator’s work is generating videos for their audience.

However, not all videos are made equal. A creator may be anyone. Hence the video might be shot on a low-cost DSLR or the on-phone 4k camera. If you film outdoors, lighting might be inexpensive or even free. If you make videos for your content, one universal reality is that gaining feedback and approval on time is critical before publishing the video.

Your release schedule should not be delayed because of video proofing. When it comes to feedback and approvals, a content creator should have certain workflow requirements, and unlike producing a script, these requirements can be readily addressed using an online video proofing platform.

Today’s creators, as well as anybody else dealing with content, may use video proofing to package and distribute feedback. A collaborative online proofing tool helps save time, decrease feedback cycles, and prevent confusion by combining timecodes, formatting, and other technical information.

Best Way To Get Started With Online Video Proofing

Starting with the correct tools is one of the simplest ways to speed up the video review process. When selecting an online video proofing tool for youtubers, keep the following four aspects in mind:

1. Clear And Comprehensive Feedback: On-frame markups and comments make it easier to give input on visual aspects. You won’t have to look for other’s comments or versions because they’re all in one place thanks to consolidated discussion threads. Put a stop to the agony of email threads and miscommunications!

2. Remote Interaction: With so many moving components in video production, it’s important that the teams involved in the content creation process be able to collaborate efficiently from afar. You’ll be able to gain real-time feedback and clarity by holding live review sessions to present your work.

3. Single Tool For Multiple Tasks: Having a single tool for task management and approvals, as well as unified feedback and versioning, is extremely helpful. Not only will being able to assign tasks and establish dates for reviews help you and your team understand what needs to be done (and by whom), but it will also provide you a quick overview of the video’s state and any potential bottlenecks.

4. Better Service: Everyone benefits from having a review and approval tool since it saves time, minimizes hassles, and provides clarity. The ease of having an online markup tool and being able to examine the whole history of the project development in one place will be much appreciated by your team and any collaborators.

Best Video Proofing Tools for Youtubers:

QuickReviewer :QuickReviewer is an online proofing tool that allows teams to receive faster video evaluations and approvals. It facilitates the organization of input on creative projects by eliminating the need for several emails or files to be exchanged. You may simply drag and drop files onto the shared workspace to share them with an infinite number of reviewers and team members. You may also compare versions side by side by locking video timelines. Each reviewer’s remarks are color-coded for easy identification, and they can react to or upvote each other’s. QuickReviewer is mobile-friendly, so you can examine or approve files from your phone or tablet at any time.

Ziflow: Ziflow is the most popular tool for creative collaboration and online proofing. It assists creators in delivering outstanding creative content. One place to leave concise feedback on video, documents, photos, audio, banners, GIFs, and other media. It offers a flexible workflow that allows for quicker approvals.

Filestage: Filestage is a review and approval platform that frees teams from time-consuming approval processes, allowing them to focus on what they do best. It allows teams to share, review, and approve all of their content – including videos – in one spot.  Filestage allows the developer to exchange many files at once without causing any misunderstanding.  It has also aided in keeping the entire team informed at all times. As a creator, being able to call out an idea for a modification in a video at the exact frame is really useful. You’ll be able to remark on a modification that has already been made by a viewer and then label it as complete. It’s an easy approach to ensure that all edit room modifications have been done. A viewer does not need to register an username and password in order to leave a remark on Filestage.

ReviewStudio: ReviewStudio is a platform that helps you get better feedback and approvals on all of your creative work faster. ReviewStudio is a tool for repairing feedback procedures that aren’t working. Collect all of your creative comments in one place instead of various emails, tools, and meetings. Make your content the focal point of discussion. From any device, annotate and comment on videos. Transform feedback into work assignments with ease. With the ability to compare any file versions, you can see if modifications were completed appropriately.

GoVisually: It is a must-have tool for easy video collaboration. Team members can submit MP4 files and annotate them and share the project’s review URL with numerous reviewers. Businesses may use GoVisually to organize design and video modifications into several categories and label them according to their needs. To make content modifications easier, you may modify the status of files to ‘needs review,’ ‘needs adjustments,’ ‘approved,’ or ‘finalized,’ as well as examine comments histories. Users may also construct to-do lists to track and address issues across designs using the service. You may get email notifications regarding comments and monitor prior conversations on the sidebar with GoVisually. Viewers may also access, examine, and approve designs remotely using the software’s mobile apps.

Wipster: Wipster’s video review and approval software is a full collaboration and workflow architecture, providing works-in-progress where they’re required, gathering input in a unique actionable method, and engaging the appropriate person at the right moment. Wipster’s advanced commenting facilities allow you to obtain immediate comments on your video at the exact timing. Wipster is simple to use, has a high level of availability, and speeds up the video review process. It also allows viewers to open a video or storyboard and add comments and suggestions exactly where they are needed.


As content creation for youtube is becoming increasingly popular, video proofing is also becoming necessary for youtubers. These are some of the useful video proofing tools that youtubers can use to make the process hassle free.

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