The combination of technology and art can create something purposeful, beautiful, and practical.

The design industry is evolving every year, and designers like to push the boundary to create the most attractive and creative design.

However, without the right tools, professional designers cannot show their creativity to the optimal level. You can find the emergence of different innovative tools for graphic design purposes.

We have now introduced you to the best creative tools that you can use this year.

  1. Vectornator
  2. Visme
  4. Illustrator
  5. Looka
  6. Colormind
  7. Canva
  8. Inkscape
  9. Infogram
  10. Affinity Designer
  11. CorelDraw Graphics Suite
  12. DesignWizard
  13. Sketch
  14. Photoscape


When you are looking for the vector graphics tool, Vectornator is the perfect option.

You can use it for Apple devices without special skills. The user-friendly interface presents you with a number of tools to create professional standard designs.

For instance, you can convert the raster file format into the vector ones. Moreover, you may create several layers, live blend modes, and color profiles.

However, you cannot use this tool with your Android and Windows devices. But, this design tool has stylus compatibility, and you may use Apple Pencil for drawing and illustrations


Visme is a free tool with premium versions, and you may use it to create presentations, infographics, and documents.

The novice users will not face issues in using these tools, as there are several tutorials and e-books to help you. You can download videos by choosing the premium version.

The best fact is that the design tool enables you to create interactive maps.

Moreover, you can find several design assets and templates, including illustrations, stock video clips, data visualizations, icons, and stock photos.

3. MYFONTS.COM is something more than a platform with a range of fonts. It helps in solving different issues of graphic artists.

You can visit the website and upload the text’s screenshot to detect the font.

As there are both free and premium fonts, this tool is best for digital artists and graphic designers.


Graphic designers can never overlook this tool to show creativity. You know that vector refers to a geometric system using lines and points. You can draw anything you like with Illustrator, the vector-based graphic design solution. With simple pulling and pushing of the lines, you can create any shape.

Moreover, you may also move around the points to create versatile designs. Digital drawings become easy with Illustrator.

One of the smart features is Adobe Sensei AI, which helps with the automatic derivation of colors from photos. You can apply those colors to your design.

Moreover, Illustrator works flawlessly with some other Creative Cloud apps.

It will be easy to store your graphics and documents in the cloud platform and access them easily.


Logo designers have found this tool to be much helpful for them. You can simply choose logo templates, add symbols, and select the color scheme. The advanced logo generator helps you in creating several logo concepts with AI intelligence.

However, most small business owners and marketers prefer this tool. Some professional designers feel that Looka has a few limitations.


It is another unique tool for color scheme generation, and it relies on deep learning technology to make color combinations. The tools identify color styles from common art, video, and image. When you have chosen a few colors to be used, you may load them easily.

Colormind will present you with the best color schemes. Designers and several other professionals use this free tool, which includes premium features.


When you do not like Photoshop for its intricacies, Canva is the perfect solution for you. The easy-to-use tool enables you to copy and paste icons, images, and other graphics-related items into the layout. Then, you may move them for adjustment based on your preferences.

Beginners can find it easy to use the tool for the integrated Canva templates. The template designs are easily customizable for your design. You may use your custom designs for social media platforms, presentations, business cards, and flyers.

It is better to install the Canva app and create an account.

Available in both free and premium versions, this tool has grabbed the attention. However, to make a design for business-related purposes, you can choose the Canva Enterprise version.


Inkscape is another free solution for designers who think of creating scalable designs that have no blur and stretching issues. While resizing images, you can choose this tool to prevent these problems. The preset filters help in saving effort and time.

Moreover, you can deal with multiple gradients and create complicated combinations. Inkscape includes advanced tools for creating, editing, and converting vectors.

Although it is a free platform, Inkscape has robust capabilities. In the latest update, Inkscape has added features, checkerboard background, and mesh gradients.


In 2021, infographics will play a significant role in grabbing the attention of viewers. To create these visual elements without special skills, you can rely on Infogram.

Templates integrated into this tool are easy to edit. You may add data based on your needs. Thus, you can save your precious time while creating professional-level infographics. Although there are some premium features, you can find the free version highly useful.


If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer is the right solution for you. The most notable feature is that it has a grid system that helps you create grids for video game icons and graphics. The special feature also enables you to control spacing, angles, and subdivisions.

Moreover, you can find a snapping option to lock objects and position them. You may adjust grids, nodes of objects, shapes, and alignment guides. There is a Dual Environment for pixel art and vector art. Thus, you do not need to open other apps. Another unique thing is the Zoom feature to let you design anything with high accuracy.


Its pro-level features with an easily accessible interface have made CorelDraw Graphics Suite a popular choice. Although you can find the introduction of new tools in 2021, you cannot avoid using them. With lots of editing options, more than 1000 fonts, 2000 vehicle templates, 600 gradients, and 500 frames, this Graphics Suite is the ultimate solution in the world of graphic and web designs.

There is a customizable UI for icon sizing, and you will find options for window border color scheme. Another exciting feature is the New Pointilizer offering variable parameters. Moreover, Corel has a developer community helping you to solve problems.

The best fact is that you can quickly move from tablet mode to desktop one. You can deal with different file formats, including JPG, AutoCAD, SVG, PNG, HTML, PDF, and PowerPoint.


Do you need to post personalized videos and images on the social platform?

Then, you can use this free basic tool to accomplish your task. To get better results, you may choose premium visuals. The free version enables you to resize your images very easily. You may also upload photos, fonts, color palettes, and logos in this free version.

You can download print-quality images and high-definition videos. Moreover, these videos and images are easily shareable with others on social media platforms. Thus, choose Design Wizard and create the most impressive visual content.


When you need a reliable tool for vector-based graphics, you can choose Sketch. Sketch is best for the interface, web, and app design to create UI prototypes.

As it is a low-cost solution, beginners can try it out for graphic designs.

The most important things about this tool are snap-to-grid functionality and snap-to-pixel functionality. Sketch has a big library of several art-board templates, and you need to choose the art-board to use the tool. Besides, custom plugins are useful for designers for a range of purposes.


PhotoScape is one of the best tools to manage and edit the photo archive. Both professionals and beginners use it as a free graphic design tool. The image editors available with PhotoScape are of different types, like editor, batch editor, screen capture, and viewer. The best one is the batch editor, which helps in resizing, renaming, and converting pictures.

Moreover, you can find a multilingual solution, as it is easy to access over 30 languages with downloadable modules. The image editing functionality and design modules have several features, like color adjustments, backlight, gamma, and resolution. You can find the tool loaded with filters, brush, clone stamp, and paintbrush.


We have created a list of the best creative tools that you must have in the coming year. Obviously, your skills and creativity play a role in designing anything successfully.

However, these creative tools can be the best companion to turn out the desired designs. You may create the design files in different formats to distribute them easily to the marketing platforms.

With the right tools, you can make your design effective for branding. They help you in maintaining the consistency and proper size of your images. High-quality visual elements developed with graphic design tools will increase your brand engagement level.

The high reliance of consumers on multiple digital channels has increased the need for high-quality and interactive content in our socially distancing society. Creative content usually requires multiple reviews and changes before the final release; this can result in numerous back-and-forth, thereby delaying the time to market.

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