More individuals than ever are working remotely and it are easier than ever to collaborate with folks in different countries. Designers may seek comments and professionally approve artwork without anything getting lost in translation using video approval software.

For creative teams who wish to work together in real-time, we’ve prepared a selection of the best online collaboration tools in this article. Working on design projects from any location in the world is simple with the help of these online collaboration tools.

What is Video Approval Software?

Several decades ago, marketing and creative teams presented their work using lengthier and messier techniques. They were forced to use printed documents or lengthy emails, which was laborious and time-consuming. You can complete the same task with video approval software that is more advanced and modern.

With this form of software, the reviewing, proofing, and approval processes are easier to use and take less time. It is simpler for your clients and team members to examine and approve the creative content because your design process is organized on a single platform.

This kind of software gives you a platform for sharing your creative work in a group setting and gives you cutting-edge tools to help you get better at what you do. You can edit, upload, share, and get feedback on your work on a single platform.

Creative proofing software also makes communicating with clients and delegating work to team members simpler. Offering diverse options, all of this enables you to enhance your workflow and accelerate the marketing process.

List of 5 best video approval software for creative teams

We’ll go over the various proofing software now that you understand why using it is a smart move for you and your creative team.

  1. QuickReviewer

For designers, web developers, and marketers searching for quicker design collaboration with a quick feedback and approval process, QuickReviewer is the best online platform to collect reviews. Here, users can review audio, HTML, PDFs, live web connections, movies, and photos. Also, QuickReviewer’s mobile-responsive user interface allows users to examine or approve files on mobile devices with ease. Users can learn to complete evaluations fast and effectively by using features like drag-and-drop upload and file sharing with numerous reviewers.


  • Video proofing.
  • Lifetime free plan available.
  • Mobile responsive UI.
  • Task and workflow management.
  • Users can highlight text, pinpoint, or draw changes to add comments and compare versions side-by-side.
  1. GoVisually

The best proofing and approval software available is GoVisually. This is because it offers features that increase power and can be combined with over 1000 apps utilizing Zapier. Collecting comments in one location streamlines the design approval process and make it simpler to remain on top of your work.

Further, the most excellent part is that you are not forced to deal with email mess. This is so that you may invite both internal and external reviewers on one platform while using GoVisually. You can set deadlines and reminders and download authorized assets from the app.

If you’re looking for software that comes with built-in proofing, GoVisually is a fantastic choice. It involves the least amount of time and reduces the use of email as a communication tool. Anyone may use this software with ease if they follow some simple instructions. It is perfect for small design firms, marketing and creative teams, and solo designers. They can effortlessly upload their files, whether they are magazine pages, PDFs, or other print materials.


  • Simple sign-up process.
  • Evaluating videos that have a timestamp.
  • Set your team’s private comments option to on.
  • In the comments, you may upload files as attachments.
  • It is possible to restrict some proofs.
  • Comment and annotate all kinds of files.
  1. Review Studio

Review Studio, launched in 2006, became a tool for creative proofreading. You can access Review Studio’s tools for gathering and managing comments on your material.

Using the software, you may follow the status updates on your photos, videos, web pages, and other document files. Advertising agencies, marketing groups, and production and creative studios are the main users of this program. Additionally, it offers businesses automation-proofing tools.

You can compare the side of your files by the side using this app. Your group can review the projects independently and accelerate work completion. It improves accessibility for watching, marketing, and approving movies and photographs.


  • The capacity to compare two things side by side.
  • Simple process for commenting.
  • Have several reviews displayed in one channel window.
  • Receiving links for reviews when uploading a file is quick and simple.
  • Keep user feedback to a single page.


  • There is no option for an audio review.
  • The sequence of the comments is not chronological.
  • The software is challenging for new users to learn.
  • The website has slowed down recently.
  1. GoProof

Another program for creative proofing management and workflow organization is GoProof. The automated method of this software eliminates the time-consuming chore of creating a tonne of disconnected email trails and exporting PDFs, MP4s, and photos whenever feedback is required. Creative teams can use the Adobe CC plugin to upload their work for review and comment. This makes it possible for numerous externals to examine, comment, and automate the file.

GoProof gives you access to more than ten annotation tools and the option to mention specific individuals in the comments. This program is accessible on the web, as a SaaS, and on Apple and Android devices.


  • Set due dates for every draft and the option of notifying the reviewer.
  • Software from Adobe and GoProof is easily integrated.
  • Possibility to set permissions for four paying users.
  • Through the collaborators and history tabs, adding reviews and comments is simple.


  • To unlock a change request, comment.
  • Users cannot upload a fresh draught using this feature.
  • Instead of immediately updating the webpage, the client must email you the change.
  1. Approval Studio

To receive proofing on your creative output, use Approval Studio. It is great video approval software for teams looking to expedite every step of the proofing process. You may automate the approval process using tools provided by Approval Studio. Four comparison tools are provided, allowing you to look for discrepancies and follow updates. 

This software is available in seven distinct languages, allowing users to choose their favorite language for use anywhere in the world.


  • Projects and reviews without limits.
  • Interface in several languages.
  • Unlimited team members to boost productivity and innovation.
  • Tracker of activity in real-time.


  • White labeling is not an option.
  • There isn’t a video proofing option offered.


Video review software is essential to creating a seamless workflow for video creation. The project process is streamlined by software solutions that guarantee faultless implementation. There are significant disparities among software options, particularly in terms of user experience, even though they may share some functions. We hope our shortlist will help you decide which option is best for you and your company.

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