What is online proofing: Online proofing software, often known as “review and approval software,” makes it easier for marketers to exchange resources and get feedback on them. It’s positioned as a step up from ad hoc techniques like email’s and printouts. The online proofing and approval processes are simplified with online proofing because:

It allows everyone to view proof files on any device, without the need to download any apps or software, regardless of content type.

It provides a single platform with real-time communication capabilities through commenting and multi-format markup tools.

It automates repetitive chores like version monitoring, receiving notifications when a new proof file arrives, and so on.

With online proofing, both client and the enterprise will benefit from increased transparency and accountability of the process.

It takes absurdly long to compare two file side by side to detect the changes. Additionally, there is always a potential that something might be missed, especially when comparing code. That is when the version comparison comes into picture. Here’s listing some of the best tools for version comparison in online proofing.


QuickReviewer is an online proofing tool for designers, web developers, and marketers who wish to collaborate on design projects more rapidly and obtain quicker feedback and approval. It is a great collaborative tool as it makes the online proofing process very simple and remote. It aids in the examination of images, videos, live web links, HTML, PDFs, and audios. QuickReviewer’s mobile-responsive UI allows users to study and approve files on their mobile devices. QuickReviewer makes organizing comments on creative work easier by removing the need for many emails or files. Users can add comments by highlighting text, pointing out changes, or sketching changes, and comparing versions side by side. Adding real-world links or dragging and dropping HTML zip files to test designs on different screen widths, animated HTML banners, responsive web pages, and more will make creative collaboration a breeze.

Additionally, the version Comparison feature provides a tidy side-by-side representation of all the changes made between two versions.

To double-click a file, use F2. When more than one version is available, the Compare icon in the top bar of the proofing window becomes visible.

The old version is shown on the right and the current version is shown side by side when you click the comparison icon. The version drop downs in the bottom right corner of each view may be used to switch between versions on both sides. The sync option fixes the PDF scrolling or video timelines to one another, making it simpler to evaluate files.

It helps by locking video timelines or PDF scrolls to perfectly sync 2 file versions for review and compare files side-by-side to never miss even the smallest change.


WeApprove displays the most recent proof version on the left and the older version on the right by default. Users can rearrange the elements as they see fit and contrast any proof version with any other proof version.

A proof can be compared to any other proof within the same project by users (even if the file formats are different). If consumers want to compare against a master file or a photographer wants to compare like-looking photographs, this is extremely helpful.

The notes and comments added to the various proof versions can be presented when in side-by-side version comparison mode, enabling users to verify that changes were made between the versions. While in comparison mode, the reviewer can also make notes and comments on the most recent proof version. The reviewers can utilize the other version comparison tools while you are in side-by-side comparison mode.

The Overlay Comparison, Ghosted Comparison, and Pixel Comparison tools are the additional comparison tools; each is described by clicking on the left.


There are three ways to compare proofs in ZiFlow.

  1. Any two versions can be compared side by side.

Regardless of their initial file format, you may side-by-side compare any two copies of a proof. Since proofs are synchronized, moving from one version to the other doesn’t affect the other version.

  1. Add more comments while in comparison mode.

You may add comments to your new proof version while in comparison mode using Ziflow’s online proofing system. This enables you to annotate the new proof while viewing the comments on the prior version.

  1. Comparisons made side by side or pixel by pixel

Use pixel-level comparison to spot minute alterations such as slight color adjustments, tiny picture motions, or text alterations. Comparing images pixel by pixel will make even the tiniest differences very evident.


The new Comparison Mode in ReviewStudio sets up the browser to show two Review canvases side by side. Any two files, or any two iterations of the same file, can be chosen to display on either side after Comparison Mode has been started.

Using Comparison Mode:

  1. From the menu bar, choose “Compare.” Two instances of the review canvas will be activated in the browser as a result. It is advised to use a 1920 resolution monitor and to resize the browser to full width for the best effects.
  2. You may choose which file to display on each side individually. It should be noted that older versions of a file only provide the display of existing annotations, whereas the most recent version only permits the inclusion of new annotations.
  3. The zoom and pan controls are automatically synchronized across the two canvases. You may toggle this synchronized behavior on and off in the “Compare Options” menu if you prefer independent control.

The option to sync file navigation, video playback, and PDF document pages is now available under the “Compare Options” menu. For comparing different iterations of the same file, this behavior is helpful.

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