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QuickReviewer – an easy way for designers and teams to share, review and approve creatives.

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Collaborative Review

Creative agencies and clients work better when there is clear communication

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Collaborative Review

Get multiple reviews, comments and instant feedback in parallel

Consolidated Feedback

Access all comments and reviews at a single location from anywhere at any time

Faster Approval

Respond to comments, compare versions, give deadlines and reduce rework by not having to track piles of emails

Effective ROI

Faster consensus and decisions result in quicker project turnaround and speed to market

Quick Review. Quick Approval.

Improve productivity with collaborative review and faster approval.

Who is it for?


Spend more time on the creativity and content of your campaign with a faster review and approval process


Give editors, writers and reviewers the capability to comment and give feedback in parallel for a faster time-to-market


Let your marketing, design, project management & content teams to collaboratively review documents seamlessly

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About QuickReviewer

QuickReviewer is a cloud based collaborative review tool for designs and creatives. A number of customers in a wide range of industries use QuickReviewer to streamline their review and approval process. Please read our privacy policy and license agreement before purchasing subscription.

Customize QuickReviewer

A customizable version of QuickReviewer is available to meet the needs of your organization at a price that suits you. Contact us to get more details or a quote.

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