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Best Proofing Software for Creative Design Agency

Best Proofing Software for Creative Design Agency

Creating engaging designs for a client’s website or project requires time and effort, and is the niche of any creative design agency. However, if the focus of their indulgence points the wrong way, the output may turn out to be off-target.

To ensure that your engrossments on a project(s) remain fixated and commitments are delivered on time, we have introduced QuickReviewer. It is a project management tool that helps in managing team-based goals more efficiently with its remarkably effective approach. Let’s discuss the mechanism of QuickReviewer in detail…

QuickReviewer – The Comprehensive Reflection of Your Commitment

QuickReviewer is a cloud-based collaborative review tool for sharing and analyzing designs and creative. It assists your projects by associating on-time reviews, modifications, suggestions, and approvals with your team members and clients while on the work. Thus, this transparency of commitments without clutters of pending discussions help to progress your plans and actions steadily.

How QuickReviewer Benefits Creative Design Agency?

Creativity is a fundamental driving mechanism behind every successful design agency. The more they innovate the unique and out-of-the-crowd ideas, the more transparent they become toward their objective – be the eyes of potential clients. However, creativity demand hardships and utter devotion to conform to a client’s expectations.

Customary way, the completion of a project is a country mile. The reason being the feedbacks from team members, reviews by the client, or approval from every nook and corner important; pertaining to the design or outline of a video, image or document, etc, is done via email. This generally causes the delay in responses or follow-ups, and may even lead to confusions, and dally the implementations as required. This excruciating dawdling in deadlined-processes may display challenges that may question the plan deliverables committed by a design company.

QuickReviewer helps to avoid such challenges and offers a streamlined hassle-free environment for the successful execution of a project.

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Functional Aspects of QuickReviewer

Whether it is making alterations on an image/video, comparing different versions of a creative outline, feedbacks regarding necessary changes in a document, or giving access to team associates (in-house and offsite) for reviewing or suggesting ideas on a shared file; have it all done in real time on one window. The four essential steps of QuickReviewer – Upload, Share, Review and Revise – make multi-staged inconveniences of feedbacks and reviews smooth and easy. How so? Here are a few creative steps to understand this –

  • Reviewing Gets Easy: On QuickReviewer, your team from anywhere can collaborate and can provide their descriptive feedbacks as well as see each other comments and markups in real-time.
  • Edify the Necessity: Options like Highlight text, strikethrough, underline, add comments, search; each reviewer with unique color code; ease of commenting within comments, etc speed up improvements, narrow conflictions and trigger faster design approvals.
  • Access and Compare Versions: Having access to all comments and reviews, reviewers can keep track of every step, every change made using version control. So, no need to pace back and forth between multiple files, access the latest reviews or confirm changes by staying in the same environment as every other reviewer.
  • Evaluate the Investment: QuickReviewer environment lessens email redundancy for approvals, quickens file access, reduces reviewing and feedbacks, and ultimately boosts the overall turn-around time for delivering the projects to the market.

In a nutshell, the functional aspects of this powerful creative project management tool streamline every element and component of your design plans while keeping everyone in the loop for faster and effective approvals.


QuickReviewer caters to the interests of every enterprise no matter the size. So, whether small, mid-size or large design agency, collaborate with your teams, clients and stakeholders for faster feedbacks and comments using this Cloud-based creative review application.

You can also get it customized to meet the specifications of your creative design agency at a price that befits you. Contact Clavis Technologies to assist you with its various customizable plans to access QuickReviewer.

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