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How Creative Agencies Can Boost Productivity

How Creative Agencies Can Boost Productivity

Your clients give hard deadlines to complete design projects. If your team doesn’t have the right tools or resource to review and manage projects, they can’t deliver work on time, which results in unhappy clients. What’s worse, you could lose the client altogether as a result of lacking team productivity. Organisations need to think of ways to boost productivity without compromising the quality of work. Here are some tips for creative agencies:

1-     Requirement Analysis Process: If you want to deliver the project on time with the right amount of creativity, consider the process of analyzing requirements. Gather information from the client point by point, design the structure of the projects and review it with your internal team. Then run it by your client so that they can review and approve it faster. Having a wireframe of the project makes it easier to design with the creativity and quality they want to achieve.

2-     Project Management Process: Any creative design agency or digital marketing agency, has multiple documents and designs to manage. These designs go through multiple rounds of review and approval by various stakeholders. Timelines are shorter than needed and the pressure builds up because of multiple iterations required in artwork and videos. As a result, it’s always a fight against time instead of a focus on creativity. Manual review and proofing leads to multiple iterations, delays, higher costs and quality issues. One good way to tackle this challenge is to have a cloud-based collaborative review tool for designs and artwork. A single repository that is accessible by internal teams and clients preferably from anywhere at anytime. Benefits of online review tools trigger huge saving on the total turnaround time because of fewer iterations and quality issues. With a good project management tool, teams can boost productivity and creativity.

3-     Team Meetings: Sometimes the dreaded team meeting is the best way to sharing ideas, views and discussion – as long as you keep it focused. If you’re not having team meetings, then you already know the reason for lack of clarity amongst members. A 15 minute team sprint meeting has a positive effect on the productivity of team members. They stay focused and are able to put their views and concerns in front of management. Creative agencies should schedule short, focused daily or weekly meetings.

4-     Delegate Tasks and Responsibility: Organizations should periodically analyze the skills of their team members. Recognizing their strengths allows you to better assign task and responsibilities to them. A lot of time gets freed up once you delegate with accountability. Empowerment to the right skill set will almost always lead to better results.

5-     Organize Motivation Events: Not everyone works well under pressure. Especially creative teams. They need their space. Too much pressure often leads to frustration and shoddy work. It affects your company’s reputation if you cannot give the best creative results due to high work pressure. Arranged motivation events that help them de-stress from time to time.

A lot of it comes down to time management that allows for more space to think, be more creative and finally deliver results that give everyone in the organisation and kick!

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