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3 tips that will help your Creative Agency

3 tips that will help your Creative Agency

No creative agency is perfect. There is always room for improvement and it’s these small efficiencies that save your company time and money. From streamlining the review and approval process to presenting well – it all helps win new work.

  1. Short focused meetings: Meetings are a necessary evil because it brings everyone on the same page. Have a clear objective and spend more time on making the agenda. Choose the attendees carefully – not everyone needs to be there. Reducing two attendees in a 1-hour meeting gives you 2 hours of added productivity. Use the 1/2 meeting time rule. If you feel you need an hour, make it a half hour meeting, the outcome may surprise you. Don’t wait for the latecomers, just start your meetings on time. The fact is, no one ever complains about meetings being too short.
  2. Give constructive feedback: Design is an individual preference. While there are some thumb rules on using the right typography, the number of typefaces, colour palette, page balance etc. its important to give clear feedback to your design team. Even when the client says the dreaded ‘I don’t like it, I don’t know why, but it needs to be better…’ you have to probe and get more details. No harm using some tools that will help you manage your internal and external design review process.
  3. A presentation is key: It’s not just limited to an amazing PPT. When creatives present their own work, the passion shows, so let them do so. Practice, practice and practice again! Make sure you are on the same page as your creative director and copywriter. Never argue in front of the client. Arrive for the meeting ahead of time. Avoid presenting work that you don’t like because often, the average work is what the client finds safe and will put out on the market. It’s risky to go with something radical, but try to tell the client that they need to do what their competition wishes they did first. Be prepared for the hard questions, and back up your responses with real data.

The final aim is to win new work with internal efficiencies that make you the preferred agency. A hard fact in the creative industry – if you’re not improving, you’re getting worse. Look out for upcoming posts on improving agency profitability.

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