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3 tips on getting better creative work from agencies

3 tips on getting better creative work from agencies

If you want your agency to be more productive, then it’s a good idea to see these 3 tips to improve output. It’s all a matter of TIME…

1. More TIME on the brief

Making a brief overnight has become a common practice based on business issues. That is the first stumbling step to a failed campaign. It’s no secret that briefs need more time. If the brief doesn’t inspire your team, you might want to spend more time on it… a lot more! A few steps:

  • Step 1: Identify the business challenge and draft the brief.
  • Step 2: Add the communication tactics to address the challenge
  • Step 3: Sleep on it
  • Step 4: Read it again, revise it, gathering more facts, figures and missing information
  • Step 5: Send it to ALL internal stakeholders and follow up for feedback
  • Step 6: Revise it based on their feedback.
  • Step 7: Present it to a colleague. Remember what Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”
  • Step 8: Get the final sign-off from key stakeholders and send it to the agency before your face-to-face.

2. More TIME briefing your agency

More often that not, the standard operating procedure followed is:

  • Step 1: Launch email and attach brief
  • Step 2: Send to Agency
  • Step 3: Expect them to interpret it with their mind reading skills

Not the best way to get a successful campaign going. Nothing works better than a face-to-face. My agency is 2,000 miles away – so we use Google Hangout or Skype.

After emailing it, give them a chance to scan through the brief. Then spend at least an hour presenting it. Answer the questions (that will arise), or get back to them if you have a doubt.

The outcome – happy agency, happy client, both aligned with increased productivity!

3. Giving more TIME to your agency for creativity

We all have tight deadlines, but if you don’t give time for creativity, it leads to mediocre results. If more time means you need to plan earlier, then do so. The hart truth – slow and steady still wins the race in the world of creativity. Time given makes ideas better, more creative and more memorable for the consumer.

You’re thinking “Yeah right! But I have a deadline and we needed to send this out yesterday.” Try also thinking “How often have I given my agency a brief with ‘needs to be done yesterday’ timelines with a result of unimpressive creative?” that has lead to stress, relationship strain and mediocre results. Which in turn led you to think “Why do I pay these guys? Is this what I deserve for all my effort and money?

Speak with successful Creative Directors and understand the process they follow for working on a brief. Get involved in the creative planning process and you’ll understand the kind of time it takes to come out with high impact ideas that create passion for your product.

Giving your agency the time they need is important. Designs go through a creative collaboration process and the first draft is never the final one. The review and approval cycle, especially when it comes to video feedback, can be time intensive. You need to create a buffer for that even if you streamline the process with collaborative review software.

If you’re not done planning and sending a large campaign brief at least a month in advance, you are setting yourself up for failure.

It’s all about more time to think. More thought for better briefs and better creatives.

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