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With 1000 happy customers we are proud to launch the Forever Free plan

A cool tool for creative teams to get feedback and reviews on Videos, HTML, Images and PDF files.

Upload, share and get feedback directly on the creative.

Play, Pause, Comment, Play

Reviewing videos was never this easy. Simply upload the video and share it with your client. They can mark annotations and reviews on the video itself by pausing it. Comments get added to the timeline, so you get to know the exact frame on you need to edit. With multiple reviewers, it makes it easy to get all comments at one place. No longer do you need to worry about decoding what the reviewer ‘meant’ to say and where they wanted the change.

Add comments on HTML files

Review HTML files and check how they look on various screen sizes to see if the design is responsive. QuickReviewer lets you upload the HTML as a .ZIP file and send it to reviewers who can mark their feedback directly on the layout. Options let users switch layout views to see the HTML flow on an iPad, iPhone and Android screen sizes.

Collaborative commenting on PDF in your web browser

Upload multi-page PDFs that could be a brochure, story-board, proposal, book, or even a complete campaign including website mockups if you like. Drag and drop the file(s) into QuickReviewer and share them with multiple reviewers to get comments and feedback. Yes we do let you compare with previous versions.

Image reviews

If you’re sending out multiple images for review, then QuickReviewer is definitely the tool for you. Not only do you get to track multiple versions, you make sure all the comments are in a single place and only the latest version is being reviewed.

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